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Comprehensive Review Of Binary Boom

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It is an established fact that you need willpower, patience and some help to guide you when it comes to making money from systems including binary options trading. An in-depth and high-quality system is required to help traders like you make money with the binary options. The system should help you in targeting the right kind of trades.

This review details various pros and cons of the new binary options trading system known as “Binary Boom”. In this review, you will get to know whether the claims made regarding the effectiveness of this software are all marketing hype or real.

Extremely Simple User Interface

One of the things that differentiates this system from others in the market is that it has an extremely simple to use interface. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, system interface makes a lot of difference when it comes to using the software. The designers of this software have made navigation very easy and everything needed is easily visible on the screen.

Overall, the goal of the designers of this software is to make trading as easy as possible for binary options traders.

Highly Effective

The creators of this software claim that this software ends up making 82% winning trades (60 second trades). The tests show that these claims are not just marketing hype and do hold weight. These 60 second trades are easy to make money with and the system does give the results as the creators claim.

In other words, it significantly cuts down the risk associated with binary options and makes options highly profitable. This is one of the biggest problems most of the traders have with binary options and the software takes care of this problem.

Fast System

Another big advantage of this software is that it is extremely fast. You just need to plug it in and it will start doing profitable trades for you. Also, this software interacts with broker and that broker is going to help you make the trades and make money with these 60 second trades.

You should not waste your time with other solutions that take long hours to complete trades. Those are not worth your time. If you want to make money fast, there is no other system that can claim to make profitable trades so fast.

Risk Reduction

If you were to ask traders the biggest challenge with investments in general and binary options in particular, all of them will agree that risk management is the biggest challenge. So, if you are looking for a system that makes a big part of your investments predictable and helps you reduce risk, this is the perfect system for you.

Some people think that softwares such as this make money by speculative trades. But that is not true in the case of this system. It operates in a non-speculative manner which means that it operates on tried and tested fundamentals. Since, the risk is being managed in a scientific manner; you can go ahead and invest in those binary options.

Highly Organized

Traders need to be organized to be profitable. There is a lot of data to be dealt with in this line of business and therefore, organization is the key to being profitable. This is the reason that traders need an organized system to help them make money. Without being organized, traders waste a lot of time by focusing on things that are not that important in the long run.

This software system is extremely organized and it helps you keep your focus on only the important things. All the trades are clearly laid out and the user interface is extremely easy and intuitive. It offers you actionable information that can be easily used for profitable trades.

Patience Is Required

As is the case with all the investments, you need to be patient when it comes to making money. This system does work and helps you in making a lot of money but you need to be patient. There is no system in the world that will allow you to make millions right when you plug that in. You need to wait for some time to build up an account.

People who are patient will be successful in making a lot of money with the help of this system. You will see positive results, if you are patient. However, if patience is not one of your virtues, this system is not going to work for you.


This is a very well designed system and it is recommended to be used by anyone who wants to make some serious money from binary options trading. You should go ahead and give it a try. After all, it’s free.

It is not wise to spend your time and money on systems that do not work. Binary Boom is a completely free solution that is going to help you make money with binary options trading.


Who is Denis Anker the guy behind Binary Boom

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Denis Anker is a former forex trader and the brains behind the popular and innovative binary options trading program known as “Binary Boom”.

Before he discovered the world of binary options trading, Anker worked as a Forex trader and was quite successful in this job. He explored other options because he wanted to do something that had the potential to make more money, without requiring as significant a time investment. While he was exploring the various moneymaking possibilities that get talked about online, he discovered binary options.

His experience in forex trading paid off quickly, and he found a trading strategy that was so effective his broker ended up closing his account.

denis2Since then, Denis has managed to achieve everything that he had ever dreamed of using his binary options trading skills. He is able to make more money in one day than the majority of people make in a whole month, and he has purchased himself a yacht, and a house by the ocean. Now that he has, in his own words, more money than he knows what to do with he is eager to help others to achieve the same thing.

Denis created the Binary Boom software so that he could become a well-known name in the trading world. He still makes a lot of money each day, but money is no longer his goal – he has other dreams and ambitions now.

Denis wants to become a respected expert in the binary options world, and to help himself achieve that goal he is giving away his software, for free.

There are two kinds of binary options broker in the world. The first kind of broker is the kind that makes money by betting against traders. If you make a trade worth $100, and lose, then that broker will make $100. This kind of broker wants you, the trader, to lose money.

Brokers like this stand to do well because around 95% of binary options traders do end up losing money. Because of this, brokers think that they will make the most money if they bet against traders.

Denis was not aware of this when he started trading in binary options, and when he signed up for a broker he picked one that made its money by placing trades against the traders on their books. When he learned how the markets worked and started using his trading strategy, the broker started losing money, and shut down his account so they could cut their own losses.

Denis was quite happy for his account to be closed, and he withdrew his profits – which were worth more than $370,000.

The other kind of broker is the broker that will make money by taking a cut of the profits that the traders make. These brokers don’t bet against traders, rather they match trades from clients that have differing views of how the markets work. With this system, when you make a trade, you will not get the full profit – the broker will take a small cut. However, if you make a loss then you will be liable for the whole loss. The brokers don’t care whether individual traders win or lose because they get their profit from one trader in each case.

The software which Denis has released makes 60 second trades. The software doesn’t care whether the currency is increasing or decreasing in price, it simply tracks the most profitable currency pairs and will then calculate the price trend.

If the trend that it calculates is rising, then it will buy a call option. If the price trend is moving down it will buy a put option. In tests, the software typically makes the correct call more than 80 percent of the time, which means that in the long term there is the potential for some significant profits.

Denis publishes live trades that the software is making on his website, with a small delay so that other traders cannot simply copy them. The results of the trade are out there for anyone to look at, so they can get an idea of whether to trust the software.

Dennis is working on a book about binary options trading, and he hopes that this will help with his goal of becoming a trusted authority in the niche. He is more than halfway through the writing work, and he expects that he will finish the title within the next three months. Once it is completed, it will launch on Amazon and other major publishing platforms.

Can Beginners Be Successful At Binary Options Trading?

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trading-binaryIt is a fact that most of the traders in the binary options space are beginners. However, it is also true that many beginners often end up not making any money from it but this does not mean that no one can be successful in binary options trading. There have been many successful traders who have made a lot of money trading binary options but there are some things that differentiate these traders from the others.

Most of the beginners think that they just need that one big winning streak and they can then rest on their laurels. Also, such beginners usually think that one winning streak will make them rich beyond imagination. It does happen but it is extremely rare.

In other words, there won’t be a many binary options brokers if every beginner turned out to be successful at making money. Every trader dreams of being lucky, better and smarter than the others but the truth is that binary options trading or for that matter, any form of trading is not that easy. It takes a lot of effort and learning to be successful at it. Also, I am not using the word “learning” lightly. By learning, I mean that you learn from your losses, your wins and your overall experience. As a beginner, you should learn something from every trade you initiate.

The only person who is getting richer when a new trader starts trading binary options without any preparation is the broker. Taking a big position or taking a big loss and then making small trades are some of the common mistakes made by beginners. Sometimes, they may even win on small trades but the profits on those trades usually never make up for the big loss. Also, beginners end up doing a lot of trades and end up letting emotions ride over logic. They usually do not have the control and keep making low profit trades even when they know that there is only a small possibility of making any money.

You may be wondering, why a beginner will even start trading binary options after knowing all these pitfalls. The truth is that beginners can make a lot of money with binary options trading if they are smart and have a plan. Beginners need to learn trading to understand some of the common mistakes made by others as without educating themselves, they won’t even know that their actions are a mistake and they will keep repeating it.

Here is a list of some of the common mistakes made by beginners and some advice on what they should be doing instead.

1. Trading without Purpose

One of the most common mistakes beginners make is that they do not have a purpose behind each trade. They let boredom or their emotions make trading decisions for them. However, they only end up making a lot of money for their brokers.

You should always have a purpose for each trade. You need to have clear logic before you start a particular trade. You need to question the thinking behind each trade and the probability of winning the trade. In other words, you need to make each trade a learning experience.

2. Emotions over Logic

Many beginners let emotion decide their trading strategy.

There is no place for emotions in trading. It doesn’t matter whether you are feeling good or bad about a trade; your feeling is never one to help you. Only logical thought process is going to make you a successful trader.

3. Making Big Trades

As a beginner, you need to keep in mind that everyone has bad days and you are not an exception. Sooner or later, you are also going to have a bad day. It means that you should not bet the whole house on a single trade. Ideally, your biggest trade should be less than 1/15 of the account value. Keep it 1/20 for binary options.

4. Repeating Mistakes

People who do not learn from their trades keep repeating the same mistakes over and over without really understanding what is leading to those losses and those mistakes. Having a trading journal helps a lot. Make it a habit to write it down every time you come across something new.

5. Quitting at the Wrong Time

Many people get out of trading out of frustration when they are so close to being successful. They let frustration keep them away from their goals. It is important to keep in mind that losses are going to be there; everyone loses at one time or another. You are going to have bumps along the way but losses only make the wins sweeter.

So, Can Beginners Make Money with Binary Options Trading?

The answer is yes; beginners can make a lot of money with binary options trading and can be highly successful. Everyone was a beginner once. Most of the new traders fail, as they do not make efforts to train themselves or have unrealistic expectations.

Since you have decided to read this article, it means that you have decided to be different. Here at “How We Trade”, we train beginners like you for success. Rest assured, we have your back.

A Simple Explanation Of Binary Options

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binary1) What Are Binary Options?

Simply put, a binary option is the estimate of the performance of an asset during a particular time frame. In order to understand binary option trading, let’s look at how other investments in other trading markets work.

Most forms of investment involve the investor purchasing whatever asset they are investing in. The value of profit and loss is then determined by the value of the asset rising or falling. If the value of the asset rises, and the investor sells the asset back to the market, then they make a profit. If the investor sells when the value of the asset decreases, then they lose money.

These investments mean that the investor needs to determine when to sell the asset and get out of the market in order to avoid exposing his whole account to the volatility of the market. Binary option trading, however, is much easier.

In options trading, we do not trade in the market like other methods. Instead, the trading is done on the market. Instead of buying and selling an asset, you are just trying to predict how the value of the asset will move for a predetermined time period.

2) The Definition of binary options

Binary means having two parts. In binary option investments, you have only two options, to predict either “Call” or “Put”. All you have to do is choose between those two options.

The “Call” option is when you predict that the value of the asset in question will rise. Your other investment option is to predict that the price of the asset will fall. The prediction that the value will fall is called the “Put” option.

The first step in binary option investments is to choose an asset. If you are interested in the price of gold, for example, you can make a binary options investment in gold. If you have some familiarity with the market, in this case the gold market, you will obviously have a better chance of predicting the changes in price.

3) What assets can be traded as Binary Options?

With binary options, you can trade with:

  • Indices – Dow Jones, NASDAQ, Nikkei, FTSE are examples, and there are many more.
  • Forex – This is a combination of the major currencies of the world, including USD, EUR, GBP, and JPY.
  • Commodities, such as gold, silver, coffee, oil, corn, and many more.
  • Stocks – More than 50 stocks from some of the biggest companies in the world, in many different industries are available for binary options trading. These stocks include Google, Deutsche-Bank, Coca-Cola, and several others.